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20 November 2018, Copenhagen

Datacloud Nordic 2018

There’s a Great Deal Going On


  • 0800h
  • Registration Opens
  • 0840h
  • Chairman’s Opening Remarks
    Ivo Brook, Head of Content, BroadGroup
  • 0850h
  • Opening Address
    Susanne Hyldelund Susanne Hyldelund
    State Secretary for Trade
  • 0910h
  • EcoStruxureTM IT: How will cloud-based services simplify hybrid IT management?
    The explosion of data, growth of IOT and cloud computing has created a complex environment for IT and data center solution providers. They need to manage a hybrid ecosystem composed of on-premise data centers, distributed IT or local edge, and public and private cloud.
    The cloud also brings advantages such as the collection of massive amounts of data in one location, monitoring and management from a single device or location, and big data analytics. If harnessed properly, these advantages can improve how IT and data center equipment and infrastructure are monitored and managed.
    This session will look at the challenges faced by IT and Data Center professionals and will explore how Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure IT, a vendor neutral cloud-based management platform, can solve those challenges by:
    • Providing VISIBILITY and monitoring with a single platform across IT and infrastructure in a hybrid environment including on premise data centers, public and private cloud, and distributed IT environments
    • Providing INSIGHTS and driving optimization and efficiency with data driven recommendations
    Kim Povlsen Kim Povlsen
    VP Digital Services & Software
    Schneider Electric
  • 0930h
  • Panel Discussion: Data Center and Cloud Leaders Forum
    Leaders from across the Nordic IT infrastructure landscape discuss the latest trends in the data center and cloud sectors, the impact on business strategy and the region’s position as a data center hub within Europe.
    Chair: Tina Schou, Country Sales Director, IT Division in Denmark, Schneider Electric
    Peder Bank, Managing Director, Nordics, Interxion
    Peder Nærbø, Founder and Owner, Bulk Infrastructure AS
    Kim Schultz, Special Advisor, Invest in Denmark
    Petter M. Tømmeraas, SVP Data Center Services, Basefarm
  • 1000h
  • A Perfect Storm: Digital disruption, complexity and business pressures put the data centre at the top of the management agenda
    DigiPlex presents the results of their survey, conducted in connection with IDG Connect, which reveals dramatic shifts in business attitudes and awareness in a time of incredible digital transformation. Data centres and issues related to their operation emerge as a means to reduce the business risk, boost competitiveness and improve sustainability.
    What does this mean for the data centre industry? How do we future proof our market offering – and reduce our own business risk?
    Gisle M. Eckhoff Gisle M. Eckhoff
  • 1020h
  • Morning Coffee Break
  • 1050h
  • Cloud evolution and IT Infrastructure integration in Data Centre
    Daniel Koszegi Daniel Koszegi
    Chief Architect Manager of Cloud Europe
  • 1110h
  • Own the Edge
    Karsten Winther Karsten Winther
    VP Sales EMEA
  • 1130h
  • The Evolution of Datacenter Connectivity
    Craig Doyle Craig Doyle
    Director, Enterprise Key Accounts Europe
  • 1150h
  • Panel Discussion: How is the Edge Shaping the Center?
    Technologies such as IoT and a plethora of connected devices, objects and sensors have pushed compute demands to the periphery of the network. Enabled by emerging technologies such as AI and blockchain, edge infrastructures are able to deliver compute capacity locally in latency critical, data intensive environments. New delivery and infrastructure models are required to ensure the edge and centre work in unison. Our panel discusses these new models and consider what it means for existing compute delivery strategies.
    Chair: Monika Grass, Owner, Grass Consulting
    Fredrik Brunberg, Director, Data Center & Cloud Services, Digita Oy Ruediger Frickenshmidt, Head of EMEIA Service Provider Business & IoT, Product Business, Fujitsu
    Martin Olesen, Head of Product Marketing, Schneider Electric
    Dr. Gunnar Schomaker, Vice Managing Director, SICP; Co-Founder and Inventor, WindCoRES
  • 1220h
  • Report Launch: Analysis of Data Center Investment Opportunities in the Nordic Countries
    The Nordic region attracts an increasing level of significant investments in new data centres. This seems to be no coincidence as the Nordics scores comparatively higher on factors such as "Reliable power supply", "Low energy prices", "Political stability", "Faster time-to-market" and "Abundance of energy and other resources" compared to more traditional European data centre regions. All factors that are deemed most important by data centre investors. This report estimates that the Nordics by 2025 could attract annual data centre construction investments in the order of EUR 2-4.3 bn. by 2025. This is based on the forecast of the future demand worldwide for data centre services – as well as the strong value proposition of the Nordic countries towards large datacenter investments.
    Jakob Dybdal Christensen, Chief Market Manager, COWI A/S
  • 1240h
  • Panel Discussion: Finance and Investment – Infrastructure Projects in the Nordics and Europe
    Recent years have seen unprecedented M&A activity in the data center infrastructure landscape. Our panel take a critical look at the emerging picture considering some of the key deals we have observed, market valuation and portfolio development. How do business models impact the attractiveness of a deal? Are we converging toward a tightly consolidated market? What is the future for independent or small data centers?
    Chair: Tom Glover, Director, Landlord, Investor, Operator and Network Advisory, CBRE Data Centre Solutions
    Sicco Boomsma, Director – Structured Finance TMT, ING
    Pieter-Jan Bouten, Managing Director, Greenhill
    Jakob Dybdal Christensen, Chief Market Manager, COWI A/S
    David Gilbey, Director, RBC Capital Markets
  • 1310h
  • Networking Lunch
  • 1400h
  • The European Commission: Infrastructure Requirements and Investment for Edge Computing
    Svetoslav Mihaylov Svetoslav Mihaylov
    Policy Officer
    European Commission
  • 1420h
  • Perspective on the Nordic Market and Digita Oy’s Growth Spur
    How the Nordics play vis-a-vis a broader European market, an outlook for digital infrastructure and 5G.The Digita Oy growth story
    Marc C. Ganzi, CEO, Digital Bridge Holdings; Managing Partner and Investment Committee Member, Digital Colony
    Juha-Pekka Weckström, CEO, Digita Oy
  • 1440h
  • Uptime Institute 2018 Annual Data Center Survey Results
    The 8th Annual Uptime Institute Data Center Survey provides an overview of the major trends shaping IT infrastructure and strategy. Are you on top of what's happening in the industry? Find out what 900 data center operators and IT practitioners worldwide had to say.
    Ali Moinuddin Ali Moinuddin
    Managing Director, Europe
    Uptime Institute
  • 1500h
  • Panel Discussion: Energy Sourcing and Strategy
    As large and increasingly scrutinised consumers of energy, data centers are under great pressure to improve their sustainability credentials. What is the current best practice in sourcing and managing energy consumption? What is the impact of integrating renewable energy on pricing and operational cost? What options are available to hyperscales vs enterprise operators and those deploying infrastructure at smaller scale? What innovations should we look towards to drive long-term sustainability for the data center sector globally?
    Chair: Gautham Gnanajothi, Global Research Director and Head of Best Practices, Frost & Sullivan
    Xiao Wang, Programme Officer, Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency
    Henrik Hansen, CEO, Danish Data Center Industry
    Peder Nærbø, Founder and Owner, Bulk Infrastructure AS
    Erik Rylander, Head of Open District Heating and Stockholm Data Parks, Stockholm Exergi
    Jacob Skogström, Manager Ectocloud Development, Eon
  • 1530h
  • Afternoon Coffee Break
  • 1550h
  • Connectivity Update for Denmark
    Nigel Bayliff, CEO, AquaComms
  • 1600h
  • Panel Discussion: Designing for the Future – Density, Size and Scale
    Data center growth is set to continue unabated, with ever more demand for data compute, process and storage capacity. Managing deployments in an efficient and cost-effective manner is vital. How are new compute demands influencing the design and operation of power and cooling infrastructure? How can heat recovery improve the energy efficiency of data centers? What advances are there in technology design? Our panel discusses the challenges of meeting evolving compute demands on power and cooling infrastructure.
    Chair: Alex Rabbetts, Managing Director, European Data Centre Association
    Greger Ruud, Head of Sales & Business Development, Data Center, Munters
    Tor Kristian Gyland, CEO, Green Mountain
    Derek Webster, CEO, Andget Ltd
  • 1630h
  • The True Cost of Moving to Cloud
    IT-organizations buying public cloud infrastructure services are struggling to get a clear view of the true cost of their IT-operations and the predictability of those costs. “Death by transparency” in the form of billing with more than 10.000 item levels for three months usage doesn’t help. This is just one of the many challenges that buyer-side are experiences in their move to a cloudbased infrastructure setup. This presentation looks at the many financial aspects that IT-organizations need to take into account when planning a move to public cloud infrastructure including a look at the pricing drivers in cloud infrastructure and how to calculate the true cost.
    Henrik Zangenberg, Founder and CEO, Zangenberg Group
  • 1650h
  • Panel Discussion: Questioning the ‘Cloud First’ Paradigm
    ‘Cloud First’ has become something of a mantra in headlines. However, what is the reality of embarking on a cloud strategy? Is cloud always the answer to driving down cost and increased availability? What impact are IoT, AI and other edge enabled services having on cloud deployment? Our panel discusses different strategies in engaging with cloud services and when, perhaps it might pay to stay firmly rooted on terra firma.
    Chair: Lau Normann Jørgensen, Partner, Technology and Outsourcing, Kromann Reumert
    Magnus Backman, Director, Systems Engineering, Northern EMEA, VMware
    Julie Bak-Larsen, Senior Associate, Bird & Bird
    Henrik Klemmensen, Enterprise Cloud and Infrastructure Architect, Københavns Kommune
    Daniel Koszegi, Chief Architect Manager of Cloud Europe, Huawei
    Petter M. Tømmeraas, SVP Data Center Services, Basefarm
  • 1720h
  • Chairman’s Concluding Remarks and Close of Conference
  • 1730h
  • Networking Reception kindly sponsored by Huawei Huawei