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30 October 2017, Oslo

Datacloud Nordic 2017

There’s a Great Deal Going On


  • 0845h
  • Official Opening
    Reynir Jóhannesson, State Secretary, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Norwegian Government
  • Session Chair: Steve Wallage, Managing Director, BroadGroup Consulting
  • 0900h
  • Opening Keynote: ExoStruxture IT: Optimize visibility and mitigate risk in Hybrid IT
    Kim Povlsen, Vice President, Digital Services & Data Center Software, Schneider Electric
  • 0920h
  • Keynote: Carbon Footprint Reduction: How Sustainable Nordic Data Centers enable Enterprises to go Green
    Gisle M Eckhoff, CEO, DigiPlex
  • 0940h
  • Regional Market Leadership
    • Cloud strategy
    • How do you perceive Edge?
    • Key growth drivers present in the market
    • What apps/business processes wouldn’t you put in the cloud that your clients have?
    • How will the presence of hyperscale impact regional or national data centers?
    • Will demand for large data halls, hyperscale cloud customers and connectivity to multiple clouds from one location continue?
    • Hybrid and IaaS services offered
    • What surprised you in 2017? What will surprise you in 2018?
    • What is the outlook for the market over the next year?
    Chair: Steve Wallage, Managing Director, BroadGroup Consulting
    Gisle M Eckhoff, CEO, DigiPlex
    Peder Nærbø, Chairman and Founder, Bulk
    Anders Korshavn, SVP – Co-Location and Data Center Services, Basefarm
    Tor Kristian Gyland, CEO, Green Mountain
    Charlie Timmermann, VP IT Division Nordic Baltic Zone, Schneider Electric
  • 1020h
  • Enterprise adoption of public Cloud is rapidly accelerating. Why does it matter and what are the typical stages in an Enterprise Cloud Journey
    Anne Månsson, Client Executive, Enterprise, Amazon Web Services
  • 1035h
  • Cutting Edge Cooling Technologies for State-of-the-Art Data Center Applications
    Pierpaolo Barbato, Evaporative Cooling Product Manager, Vertivco
  • 1055h
  • Morning Networking Break
  • Session Chair: Marion Howard-Healy, Senior Consultant, BroadGroup Consulting
  • 1125h
  • Site Selection for Colocation and Investment
    Opening Presentation: J.J. Johnston, CEcD, FM, CEO, Webster Global Site Selectors

    • What are the top criteria in site selection?
    • Where are taxes and overheads becoming more of a problem?
    • Edge considerations
    • Localized demand importance
    • Special considerations for brownfield sites
    Chair: Marion Howard-Healy, Senior Consultant, BroadGroup Consulting
    J.J. Johnston, CEcD, FM, CEO, Webster Global Site Selectors
    Janne Korkeamäki, FDI Executive, Cursor Oy
    Anders Korshavn, SVP – Co-Location and Data Center Services, Basefarm
    Christoffer Svanberg, Chief Marketing Officer, Node Pole
  • 1210h
  • Moving to the Edge: New Drivers and Disruptors and their Impact
    • Localized Data overload
    • IOT - capacity and location
    • Blockchain
    • Smart cities, driverless cars, 5G
    • AI and Robots and impact on Vertical demand
    • Privacy and Regulation
    Chair: Michalis Grigoratos, Executive Director, Data Centre Solutions, CBRE
    Appal Chintapalli, VP & GM – Racks & Integrated Solutions Vertiv
    Johan Jonzon, Co-Founder and Head of Sales & Marketing, Crosser Technologies
    Sachin Sony, Senior Manager, Vertical Marketing, Cloud Strategy, Equinix
    Jörgen Venot, SVP Northern Europe, Etix Everywhere
  • 1240h
  • Keynote: N01 Campus - Ashburn of Europe
    Europe faces a challenge in meeting the fast expanding needs for data center space. To meet that need, Bulk aims to make its sustainable Hyperscale Data Center Infrastructure the "Ashburn of Europe". Cloud neutrality, Multi-cloud connections and Edge computing are examples that will be a part of Bulk’s “Ashburn of Europe”.
    Peder Nærbø, Chairman and Founder, Bulk
  • 1300h
  • Lunch
  • 1400h
  • Enterprise End User panel
    • IT spend outlook
    • IT requirements for data center and hybrid cloud
    • Migration outlook
    • Colocation, managed services
    • Self build
    • CSR/carbon neutral strategy
    • Type of interconnections, networks and workload?
    • Expansion of capacity?
    Chair: Derek Webster, CEO, Andget
    Ari Kurvi, Data Center Manager, Yandex
  • 1430h
  • Finance & Investment in Data Centres
    • Current outlook on M&A activity in Data Centers
    • Joint ventures with institutional investors
    • Are Telcos more likely to divest?
    • REITs and Europe
    • Private Equity and Nordic market expansion
    Chair: Steve Wallage, Managing Director, BroadGroup Consulting
    Tom Wells, Partner, Arma Partners
    Tom Schulz, Co-Founder and Managing Director, AQAL Group
    Robin Brown, Head of Technology and Media M&A, BDO Corporate Finance
    Sicco Boosma, Director SF Telecom Media Technology, ING
  • 1500h
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution Must be Clean – What It Means for The Data Center
    Fredrik Kallioniemi, Commercial Director, Hydro66
  • 1515h
  • Location and New Data Centre Developments
    • What sort of data centres will be needed going forward - and where should they be located?
    • What is compelling about the Nordic markets as a location?
    • What will future demand will look like?
    • How important will it be to provide a mix of proximity, more cost-effective locations and networked sites?
    • Who will be the winners?
    Introduction presentation: The Norwegian Solution in the international market
    Mats Andersson, Marketing Director Lefdal Mine

    Chair: Marion Howard-Healy, Senior Consultant, BroadGroup Consulting
    Mats Andersson, Marketing Director Lefdal Mine
    Fredrik Kallioniemi, Commercial Director, Hydro66
    Petter Tømmeraas, Chief Sales Officer, Green Mountain
  • 1545h
  • Green from Bricks to Clicks
    Mattias Ganslandt, President and CEO, Multigrid
    Gustav Bergquist, COO and EVP, Multigrid
  • 1600h
  • Your Company needs an Energy Strategy: Enterprises and their quest for renewable energy availability in data centres
    • What role does renewables play in reducing and/or stabilizing energy costs?
    • Are locations now disadvantaged if they are unable to deliver renewable energy supply?
    • How can data centres plan for a renewable dominated future?
    • Will solar become as competitive as hydro-electric power? Could this challenge Nordics?
    • How can data centre cooling strategies help to reduce overall energy consumption?
    Chair: Mark Lister, Head of the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency
    Mattias Ganslandt, CEO, Multigrid Data Centers
    Atle Haga, Program Director, Statkraft
    Greger Ruud, Head of Sales & Business Development, Data Center, Munters
    Kim Schultz, Special Adviser, Invest in Denmark
  • 1630h
  • Afternoon Networking Break
  • 1650h
  • Keynote: Insourced vs Outsourced Management of Data Center Operations
    Mark Acton, Critical Services Director, CBRE
  • 1710h
  • Keynote: The March Towards Hybrid IT: Complexity Breeds Risk?
    Corporate digital transformation initiatives mean that companies are deploying more and more of their IT assets outside of their own infrastructure and as such more are demanding third party verification that the data center meets their requirements for resilience and best practice operations. The session will focus on whether standards and certifications remain relevant and how enterprise due diligence will impact the data center sector as more organizations move to adopt a hybrid infrastructure strategy.
    Phil Collerton, Managing Director EMEA, Uptime Institute
  • 1800h
  • Nordic Reception sponsored by Digiplex