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30 October 2017, Oslo

Datacloud Nordic 2017

There’s a Great Deal Going On



Enterprise End User panel
• IT spend outlook
• IT requirements for data center and hybrid cloud
• Migration outlook
• Colocation, managed services
• Self build
• CSR/carbon neutral strategy
• Type of interconnections, networks and workload?
• Expansion of capacity?

Wholesale Data Center Markets
• Speculative build or pre-leasing
• Turnkey space
• What prices are being found in wholesale
• Which markets are primed for wholesale expansion?
• Retail play in the strategy
• Market outlook

Regional Market Leadership
• Cloud strategy
• How do you perceive Edge?
• Key growth drivers present in the market
• What apps/business processes wouldn’t you put in the cloud that your clients have?
• How will the presence of hyperscale impact regional or national data centers?
• Will demand for large data halls, hyperscale cloud customers and connectivity to multiple clouds from one location continue?
• Hybrid and IaaS services offered
• What surprised you in 2017? What will surprise you in 2018?
• What is the outlook for the market over the next year?

Nordic and European Market Forecast
• Power availability
• Supply
• Demand
• International Interconnection and fiber availability
• Wholesale vs. retail supply
• Nordic Market Forecast

Site Selection
• What are the top criteria in site selection?
• What is compelling about the Nordic markets as a location?
• Where are taxes and overheads becoming more of a problem?
• Edge considerations
• Localized demand importance
• Special considerations for brownfield sites

Towards Edge Data Centers - New Drivers and Disruptors and their Impact
• Localized Data overload
• IOT -  capacity and location
• Blockchain
• Smart cities, driverless cars, 5G
• AI and Robots and impact on Vertical demand
• Privacy and Regulation

Cybersecurity Threats and Response
• How are you approaching the ever increasing cyber attacks
• Authorization and security in a mixed-use building setting
• Standards and certifications
• Network-level exposure
• Are there specific hacks that a data center should be aware of? Solutions?
• Evaluating infrastructure and network firewall options
• Opportunities in security as a service… How are you reacting?

Finance and Investment in Data Centers
• Current outlook on M&A activity in Data Centers
• Joint ventures with institutional investors
• Are Telcos more likely to divest?
• REITs and Europe
• Private Equity and Nordic market expansion

Network Evolution and Connectivity
• Specific issues with Edge
• Network resiliency and its role within data center resiliency
• Ecosystem cooperation – fiber networks, subsea cable, satellite
• WAN optimization strategies
• Responding to customers re-architecting their IT from a centralized to a distributed setup
• Is there growth in cross-connects?
• Density trends vs. cloud-centric networking solutions