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Aabenraa Municipality is your preferred provider of data center sites. We offer confidential, agile and free-of-charge services to the data center industry in Southern Denmark.

Locating your business in Aabenraa Municipality gives you access to European and Scandinavian markets on optimal Danish framework conditions and ensures that your business is located in an area with reliable power supply, low latency and high data capacity.

Furthermore, our data centre sites are located in an international business environment on the Danish-German border and next to GateDenmark, the largest transport and logistics centre in Northern Europe. In our region a large percentage of the population speaks English and German besides their native Danish.

Due to our border region location the local personnel that we can help recruit are fully able to work in businesses and companies with an international mindset.

These optimal conditions, along with the professional and confidential guidance offered by Aabenraa Municipality, have already proven ideal for Apple and Google, which have acquired very large data center sites in Aabenraa Municipality. We consider these purchases proof that we are able to cater to the needs of some of the world’s largest companies.

Our services include:
- Confidential, non-binding consultations with our highly skilled personnel.
- Guidance on locating data center sites and data center services in Southern Denmark.
- Quick, confidential local planning and assistance with all necessary permits.
- Tailor-made information for your company on sites, power supply and fiber.
- Customised solutions ensuring fast and efficient time to market.
- Advice on how to take full advantage of our highly connected locations, flexible labour force and optimal digital infrastructure.
- Facilitating contact to potential partners, communities and the private sector.

Website: www.aabenraa.dk/vores-kommune/english/why-aabenraa/data-centre-sites

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/aabenraa-kommune