Invest in Iceland

Invest in Iceland

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Favourable Business Environment
Iceland focuses on favourable environment for businesses in general, including low 20% corporate tax, availability of land, effective business environment and a new incentives regime offering a range of benefits. For efficient infrastructure, expert services and smooth administration, Iceland meets the highest international standards.

As a member of the European Economic Area Iceland is part of the inner European market with European legislation, including a comprehensive data protection act, and tariff free access to the European Union.

Power is available and price is very competitive
Iceland is the only country in Western Europe that still has considerable resources of competitively priced, renewable energy remaining to be harnessed.

Hydropower and geothermal energy are the sources of Iceland's unique sustainable electricity generating capacity. By harnessing these renewable resources Iceland produces electricity without relying on fossil fuel. The country's state-of-the-art energy infrastructure is highly ranked on international business indices for reliability, efficiency and cost.

Geothermal steam with a pressure of up to 20 bar and temperatures up to 250°C will be harvested in the near future. This development will have a huge impact on steam-consuming industries once the source comes on line.

The Coolest Location for Data Centers

  • Cut Cost and minimize your carbon footprint
  • 100% of the electricity is produced using renewable hydro and geothermal resources
  • The power infrastructure is one of the most reliable in the world
  • Long term energy contracts available
  • Scalable locations available with advanced infrastructure

Focusing on the Green Economy
As a well-educated nation with a top-rated education system, advanced infrastructure, renewable energy resources and living in a country with unspoilt spectacular nature, attracting a growing number of tourists, Icelanders are keen to strengthen the green economy. Life sciences, various creative industries, clean-tech companies and high-tech solutions for the food and fishing industry are just examples of the growth in knowledge based industries in Iceland. Vast spaces of land available close to geothermal power plants is ideal for industrial scale pesticide-free greenhouses and fish farms. Various chemical industries can use multiple streams of energy from the power plants and in industrial clusters the vaste from one company is the raw material for another.

Invest in Iceland
Invest in Iceland is a one stop information centre for foreign investors and provides information on investment opportunities in Iceland and the business environment. Invest in Iceland is a part of Promote Iceland. Invest in Iceland's team provides free of charge information and expert confidential service on all aspects of investments, arranges site visits and plans contacts with local authorities as well as local business partners and professional consultants.