NG Metal

NG Metal

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Server racks, network racks, structures, aisle containment solution hot or cold, and all the other metal component the way you need it.

Every data center is different, every solution should be custom to your need – we can assist you in all phases from design, manufacturing, logistics through to installation.

From Hyper scale to cloud datacenter – we can deliver your required custom products efficient in cost and time.

NG-Metal has for over more than a century had the core business as ADDING VALUE TO METAL to our customers. A partnership with US based DAMAC and Maysteel has secured the knowledge of datacenters and how best to build this to the highest standard to the leading datacenter companies in the world. Combining this with the manufacturing capabilities and high precision equipment enables NG-Metal to offer solutions to the marked that are second to none.

Based centrally in Denmark, with only 2 to 3 hrs. transport to all the major hubs of electricity and internet cabling – allows for quick and responsive logistics to datacenter sites. Within most of Scandinavia/Europe next day deliveries are possible.

How can you benefit from working with NG-METAL

• Tap into the experience of the world leading datacenter US supplier of DAMAC and Maysteel
• Made in Denmark – with manufacturing, logistics and installation taken care of
• Agile solutions to datacenter infrastructure, without complex construction project
• Experience from Hyperscale to cloud datacenters
• Custom build – without extra cost
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NG METAL – A partner to Maysteel® and its DAMAC Division