Thought Leadership and Insight from Benedicte Fasmer Waaler, Invest in Norway

Benedicte Fasmer Waaler

For this edition of the Datacloud Nordic Interview Series, we spoke to Benedicte Fasmer Waaler, Invest in Norway

1. What are the current trends and challenges for data centres in the Nordic region?

The Nordics are popular, with a lot of momentum and huge investments in data centers and in digital infrastructure.

I think one of the main challenges for the data centres in the Nordic region is to find ways to work together, within the region and with other regions, in order to optimize the sustainability of the data centre industry as a whole.

2. What trends do you see as pivotal for the growth of collocation throughout Europe?

One mega-trend is that many countries are transitioning from a fossil-based electricity system to a renewable system; another is the growth of data centres that in turn are demanding large amounts of electricity, resulting in strained grids of certain areas, for example FLAP.

I think the growth of collocation throughout Europe is dependent on being able to grow sustainably, and I think that will entail growing some segments in cross-border locations. It would for example be smart for colos in the FLAP regions to place low-latency loads such as back-up and HPC in Norway, where we have a long tradition of supporting energy intensive industry and where we already produce more renewable electricity than we use – thereby lessening the burden on the transitioning energy system including the energy grids, and at the same time enabling growth in the data centre segments that demand minimal latency.

3. How do you see the advent of edge data centres impacting hosting infrastructure?

I think the edge will increasingly be integrated in the circular economy – not only re-use of heat, but innovation within the circular economy; smart city, circular industrial parks etc.

4. What do you see as the future drivers for the industry?

Sustainability and connectivity.

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