Thought Leadership and Insight from Green Mountain

Tor Kristian Gyland

For this edition of the Series, we spoke to Tor Kristian Gyland, CEO at Green Mountain.

1. What are the key factors making the Nordics an ideal location for data centre builds?

The key factor for making Norway an ideal country for data centre developments is:
Surplus of emission-free hydropower
Norway has the lowest cost of power in Europe
Cold climate, ideal for cost efficient free cooling

2. How do you see the advent of edge data centres impacting hosting infrastructure?

Several of the hyperscale players have said that they have changed their strategy from building large 100MW+ facilities to smaller 35MW facilities. The reason for this is that the large ones are “to big to fail” and an outage affects a to large geographic footprint. This makes Norway an ideal location for serving this marked.

3. What trends do you see as pivotal for the growth of collocation throughout Europe?

Everything is being digitalized.

4. How do you see China’s One Belt One Road initiative influencing the market in the Nordics and further afield?

Several of the major Chinese players are targeting the European market and Norway will take a part of this as it now has the most competitive offerings in the Nordics. This year’s national budget removed the last obstacle making Norway the most competitive country in Europe.

On the 30th of October, Green Mountain will be at Datacloud Nordic 2017 in Oslo. Meet them there!