Thought Leadership and Insight from Jesper Kjærgaard from Aabenraa Kommune

Jesper Kjærgaard

For this edition of the Datacloud Nordic Interview Series, we spoke to Jesper Kjærgaard, Aabenraa Kommune

1. What are the current trends and challenges for data centres in the Nordic region?

In Aabenraa, as in the other Nordic countries, we have seen the first wave of hyperscalers who are attracted by the connectivity, sustainable energy supply and ease of doing business. Now we push forward to accommodate next-in-line providers and to improve our framework conditions further, especially with regard to zoned land. We are also experiencing growing interest from investors, increasing the availability of renewable energy.

2. What trends do you see as pivotal for the growth of colocation throughout Europe?

In Aabenraa and in Southern Denmark as a whole we see a growing demand for colocation facilities. Combined with our top-end connectivity with FLAP cities, this offers great opportunities for colocation and wholesale providers.

3. How do you see the advent of edge data centres impacting hosting infrastructure?

Aabenraa has great infrastructure at advantageous costs for edge computing, and we are ready to accommodate the trend – regardless of whether it will affect known market segments or simply end up being a sidestep for existing businesses in the market.

4. What do you see as the future drivers for the industry?

This is a very good question for the DC providers in the market and really not something municipalities should be worrying about. Everybody is talking about the IOT as a coming market driver, but so far segments like entertainment, media, communication, e-commerce and social networks have experienced the greatest growth.

Aabenraa Kommune will be at Datacloud Nordic in Copenhagen on 20 November. Meet them there