Thought Leadership and Insight from Vertiv

Appal Chintapalli

For this edition of the Series, we spoke to Appal Chintapalli, VP Integrated Rack Systems for Vertiv in EMEA.

1. How do you see the advent of edge data centres impacting hosting infrastructure?

The advent of edge data centres will strengthen the entire network and boost data processing as these nodes will allow more efficient computing at local level, which is key for IoT and Industry 4.0. At the same time, hosting infrastructure will have to evolve further to become the real backbone of this growing ecosystem. Many companies will look for a custom mix of enterprise and edge data centres for their most critical applications, along with colocation and cloud services for broader connectivity, backup and storage. A good balance of edge and colocation will ensure reliability whilst improving efficiency both in terms of speed and costs.

2. What trends do you see as pivotal for the growth of collocation throughout Europe?

As the digital world continues to grow at strong pace, so does the need for computing power and enterprise data centres are struggling to keep up. The projected evolution of IoT, big data and cloud services will be instrumental to the growth of colocation as a strategic provider of reliable, efficient, cost-effective and quickly scalable IT infrastructure. This will also help companies focus on their core business and take advantage of high-quality data centre services while reducing operating IT expenses.

On the 30th of October, Vertiv will be at Datacloud Nordic 2017 in Oslo. Meet them there!