• Main Theatre
  • 0900h
  • Opening remarks
    Richard Hall, Chief Executive Officer, Cloud Origin
  • 0905h
  • Keynote address: Championing environmental responsibility in digital infrastructure growth
    Jesper Frost Rasmussen, Mayor of Esbjerg
  • 0925h
  • Thinking back, looking forward: Data Center 2025 and beyond
    We can look back to 2019 as another record year of data center growth globally, and in the Nordic region, but also as the end of a decade of digital transformation. Growth in hyperscale facilities has been one of the most defining shifts – and one the Nordic region is very well acquainted with. But what will the future bring? Vertiv EMEA president Giordano Albertazzi will share research and insights on the forces that will shape the data center industry over the next 12 to 18 months but also to 2025 and beyond including the implications for the Nordics market specifically.
    Giordano Albertazzi, President, EMEA, Vertiv
  • 0945h
  • Going green with the cloud: enabling enterprises to cut carbon emissions
    Launched in 2018, Google’s Finland Cloud Region provides enterprise users based across the Nordics and Eastern Europe with low-latency software and networking applications. The underlying infrastructure pretty much starts and ends with Google’s Hamina data center site. Unique in its use of 100% renewable energy and high-tech sea water cooling, Hamina is one of Google’s most sustainable data centres. Google will also launch a Datacenter in Denmark 2021 and have just announced new solar cell parks to power the datacenter. In this session, Peter Harden will explore the surging appetite amongst end-users and enterprise players for more sustainable data center services and how the industry can find cost-effective solutions to meet these expectations.
    Peter Harden, Country Manager, Google Cloud, Denmark & Finland
  • 1000h
  • Leadership forum: Data centre and cloud leaders in conversation
    With so much activity in the region across hyper scale, co-location, enterprise and now edge deployments, this session will gather the industry's foremost leaders and pioneers for a full and frank discussion on the profound opportunities and potential challenges facing the sector.
    Chair: Ali Moinuddin, Managing Director Europe, Uptime Institute
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, Chief Executive Officer, Digiplex
    Tor Kristian Gyland, Chief Executive Officer, Green Mountain
    Xuan Jin, Head of UK, Ireland & Nordics, Alibaba Cloud International
    Peder Nærbø, Founder and owner, Bulk Infrastructure AS
    Petter Tømmeraas, SVP Data Center Services, Basefarm
  • 1045h
  • Morning refreshment break
  • Stream chair: Mike Tobin OBE, Industry Entrepreneur
  • 1105h
  • Looking to the Baltics: a whistle stop tour of the world’s most digital society
    Rene Tammist, Former Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology of Estonia
  • 1120h
  • Lithuania – Europe‘s next green energy opportunity
    Rytis Kėvelaitis, Vice Minister, Ministry of Energy of Lithuania
  • 1145h
  • Datacenter Hub - Bring the cloud back to the datacenter!
    Siemens has launched its Data Center Hub, a cloud based application early this year. This has been done in a co-creation process with customers from the Colocation and Enterprise market. In this session Anders Huovinen (Business Manager CoLo) from IP Only will give an insight about the use cases and why he has chosen a cloud based application for his Data center operation.
    Philippe Heim, Global Cloud Portfolio Manager, Cloud, Siemens
    Anders Huovinen, Business Manager Colo, IP-Only
  • 1205h
  • When the low hanging fruit is gone: software sustaining trends in energy efficiency
    Magnus Backman, Director, Systems Engineering, Northern EMEA, VMware
  • 1225h
  • Getting your data center under control
    On-premise or off, you have powerful tools available to maximize the value of your infrastructure and you demand more visibility and operational control. Fortunately, data center management tools keep a vigil on memory contestation, power, thermal consumption, server health, and utilization, allowing better control of your datacenter. In this session, learn how Intel software tools enable real-time monitoring and precise management to lower operational costs and optimize infrastructure for today even as you’re forecasting for tomorrow.
    Ofer Lior, EMEA business development, Intel
  • 1245h
  • Lunch
  • 1345h
  • The future of the cloud across Eurasia - three strategic maps
    Pete Cladingbowl, Senior Technical Advisor, IXcellerate
  • 1410h
  • Panel discussion: Connecting up the dots on new digital connectivity deployments
    Moderator: Tim Passingham, Chairman, Cambridge Management Consulting
    Geir Holmer, Chief Executive Officer, SkagenFibre
    Erling Aronsveen, Chief Executive Officer Celtic Norse
    Daniel Sjöberg, CMO and CSO, RETN
    Thomas Fabricus, Senior Manager, Business Development, GlobalConnect
  • 1455h
  • Afternoon refreshment break
  • 1525h
  • The cold reality of investment: are the Nordics a completely saturated market?
    Michael Tobin OBE, Industry Leader
  • 1545h
  • Panel discussion: Finding the right combination for sound investment: skills, energy, connectivity and location
    Chair: Henrik Hansen, CEO, Danish Data Center Industry
    Oli Eiriksson, Head of Economic Development, City of Rejavik
    Agneta Evers, Partner, Hanko Data Parks
    Kim Schultz, Special Advisor, Invest in Denmark
    Jesper Kjaergaard, Head of Business & Development, Aabenraa Kommune
    Greger Ruud, Sector Development Manager - Data Centers, Aggreko
  • 1620h
  • Panel discussion: Dissecting the investment opportunities around Edge and Co-location: the future of digital infrastructure investment in an evolving ecosystem
    Moderator: Marco Nicolai, Partner, Bird & Bird
    David Gibley, Director, RBC Capital Markets
    Sicco Boomsma, Director of SF Media & Technology, ING
    Declan O'Brien, Director, Infrastructure Research and Strategy, UBS
  • 1700h
  • Chair's closing remarks
  • Stream Chair: Amy Daniell, Director - Hyperscale, NTT & Director, Mission Critical EMEA & APAC, AECOM
  • 1105h
  • A state of industry address: where does the future of Cloud lie?
    From Technology start-ups to financial giants right across to smart manufacturing, the Cloud has found its niche providing scalable and flexible data services in an array of enterprise verticals. Crucial to its enduring success will be the ability to provide secure, economical solutions in an era where increasingly complex computing requirements, heightened security concerns and hybrid IT solutions are challenging the commercial rationale behind full-scale Cloud migration. In this address, Xuan Jin will explore the future of the Cloud and its evolution to meet requirements from modern enterprises.
    Xuan Jin, Head of UK, Ireland & Nordics, Alibaba Cloud
  • 1125h
  • Paying the way forward: designing and deploying a world first in cross-border payments infrastructure
    David Walker, Chief Technology Officer, P27
  • 1135h
  • Master of Flow: The Digital Value Chain
    Martin Kipping, Vice President, Global Data Center, Rittal
  • 1155h
  • The benefits of being cloud native: improving security, visibility and release frequency
    Russell Warman, Head of Infrastructure & Operations, Autotrader UK
  • 1205h
  • Panel discussion: Identifying the needs of the enterprise user across an ecosystem of Cloud, hybrid and co-location
    Moderator:Julie Bak Larsen, Partner, Bird & Bird
    Christian Stahl, Ecosystem Partner Manager, Google Cloud
    Nina Wilhelmsen, Nordic Channel & Ecosystem Leader, IBM
    Mulang Mika, Cloud Architect, Microsoft
  • 1245h
  • Lunch
  • 1345h
  • Smart cities and 5G-edge: the implications for industry and wider society
    Tor Bjorn Minde, Chief Executive Officer, Rise SICS North
  • 1405h
  • The high performance data centre: what it means and where it's headed
    Gisli Kr, Chief Commercial Officer, Advania Data Centers
  • 1425h
  • Panel discussion: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing and the Data Center
    Gisli Kr, Chief Commercial Officer, Advania Data Centers
    Fredrik Kallioniemi, Director of Global Alliances, Hydro66
    Thomas Volder, Chairman, Danish Datacenter Industry (DDI)
  • 1455h
  • Afternoon refreshment break
  • 1525h
  • Panel discussion: Designing data centres fit for the future: meeting the scale & density challenge
    Chair: Roy Maxwell, Managing Partner, Cloud & Data Centre Practice, Cambridge Management Consulting Ltd
    Paul Cranfield, Partner, Vipa Digital
    Rob Elder, VP Data Centres, Bulk
    Thomas Volder, Chairman, Danish Datacenter Industry (DDI)
    Tor Bjorn Minde, Chief Executive Officer, Rise SICS North
    Fredrik Kallioniemi, Director of Global Alliances, Hydro66
  • 1610h
  • Managed Kubernetes as a new income source: profound opportunities for infrastructure players
    Ruslan Syntsky, Chief Executive Officer, Jelastic
  • 1630h
  • Fireside chat: Getting ready for the Kubernetes revolution – implications for containerisation, Edge deployments and open source software demand
    Ruslan Syntsky, Chief Executive Officer, Jelastic
    Magnus Backman, Director, Systems Engineering, VMWare
  • 1700h
  • Chair's closing remarks
  • 1715h
  • End of conference & drinks reception