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Anord-Mardix is the global leader in critical power distribution and protection. We have operations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific and bring 100 years of engineering excellence to every customer challenge. We have the strongest management team in the industry and employ over 750 highly skilled people.

Our 9 world-class manufacturing facilities comprises of over 450,000sq/ft of production space with rapid expansion options and total quality control throughout. We produce the most comprehensive product range in the market including industry leading HV & LV switchgear, custom built modular solutions, flexible data hall distribution and our technically superior busbar and busway range. All our products are integrated with Anord-Mardix power management systems and we offer a unique service capability.

We are the vendor of choice to the global data center and cloud computing industry. Our ability to customize and produce on a large scale delivers the most reliable end-to-end power systems to all our customers. From independent providers to hyper-scale leaders. To find out more go to www.anordmardix.com.