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Bulk Infrastructure AS is a leading datacenter operator in the Nordics. The company has designed, built and operates datacenters in Esbjerg, Denmark, Kristiansand, Norway and Oslo, Norway.

Bulks ambition is to be the go-to player for anyone that wants to leverage the Nordics for data processing requirements of the future, whether in Denmark, Sweden or Norway. We are designers, builders and operators, and our goal is to deliver the most effective customer solutions faster than anyone else, either in our existing data center sites or in special purpose new builds.

Bulks customers are both private and public organizations, including security-sensitive customers such as government and financial institutions.

Bulk own and control dark fiber infrastructure with the purpose of enabling the Nordics for large scale data processing.

Our fiber infrastructure is modern with high capacity including both subsea and terrestrial systems. We can offer dark fiber to data center customers and others that want to produce bandwidth services on top of our infrastructure. We consider ourselves as a pure infrastructure player within fiber, being a partner rather than a competitor with traditional carriers. Bulk has available thousands of km of dark fiber, including both intercontinental and intra-Nordic infrastructure that links to main European markets as well as the US. We continue to explore new subsea and terrestrial fiber routes that could be strategic enablers for the data center growth in the Nordics.