Hanko Data Parks

Hanko Data Parks

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Hanko Data Parks in the southernmost part of Finland have four Data Center locations. The connectivity is outstanding due to the fact that several submarine cables are landing in Hanko and all Finnish network operators have chosen to link their networks here. The new ultrafast C-Lion1 subsea cable provides direct connection to Germany and potential for a new high-capacity network connection between eastern and western Europe.

Hanko Data Parks is a consortium of two cities, a utility company and a fiber-operator company. Our aim is to develop Hanko as a strategic hub for connectivity between Asia, Russia, Scandinavia and Europe.

Our greenfield locations are ready to build and we have direct redundant connection to the National Grid. Energy production from solid biomass, biogas, solar and wind power has increased in recent years and currently over 40% of energy in Finland is produced from renewable sources. Excess heat will be bought by the Utility Company and used for district heating.

Finland is seen as a leader in data privacy (i.e. secrecy of information and correspondence). The legislative environment of Finland is quite different even from that in the other Nordic countries since our law imposes strong legal protection from surveillance.