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ICTroom designs, builds, operates and maintains highly reliable data centres. With a passion for all things ‘data centre’, ICTroom distinguishes itself by ensuring complete alignment with a client’s underlying business case, an understanding of how the data centre will be used and how it may be used in the future. Established 2001, headquartered in the Netherlands and with offices in Belgium, England and Germany, ICTroom has delivered over 250 data centres and computer rooms across Benelux, Europe and other parts of the world. Clients are national and international enterprises, cloud providers, governments and IT service companies. ICTroom delivers a total concept for Data Centre Facility Infrastructure comprising a combination of advice, products, projects and services. Scalability, flexibility, reliability and sustainability are integral components of all ICTroom’s infrastructure solutions; which range from the turnkey provision of multi-megawatt modular data centres through mechanical and electrical infrastructure upgrades to racks and structured cabling. ICTroom’s expertise in design & operations together with the use of best-of-breed components from leading equipment manufacturers ensures top quality data centre performance and reliability. ICTroom is unique in the fact that its scope and core business is data centres only.

ICTroom creates value for its customers by sharing knowledge and experience with users of datacentres in the IT-landscape. Society and thus IT(-users) will, in the next couple of years, move into more pay-for-use models with short horizons and ultimate flexibility. Data- and network demand will continue to grow exponentially as will the significance (always on). Historically, infrastructure is a long-term investment and is therefore by nature difficult to align with the rapid development of technologies and the agility that society demands. ICTroom aims to combine those two worlds by offering smart, scalable and flexible infrastructure solutions that smoothly grow and develop into the future. Looking at the impact of IT, and in particular: data centres, on our environment, ICTroom is aware that it will play a leading role in the control and reduction of carbon footprint through deploying superior design, build and operate functions.

Data-Centre-as-a-Service (DCaaS)
DCaaS allow customers to deploy data centre equipment in a single tenant, exclusively and purposed build, on or off premises facility, but owned and operated by ICTroom. ICTroom’s DCaaS solution gives access to exclusive modern and controlled facilities without the capital investment. Driven by continuously changing demands placed on their data centre, organizations choose DCaaS as a solution for permanently shifting IT costs to the operational side of the balance sheet. An exclusive DCaaS solution, at a location of your choice, provides you with an alternative choice in resources and investments. When your business demands flexibility and speed you need a good support partner. DCaaS from ICTroom offers pay-as-you-grow capabilities and diversity in making controlled choices.

Modular Data Centre portfolio
ICTroom’s Integrated Modular Data centre (IMD) portfolio is based on a platform approach in which a number of final configurations can be built from a standard ‘toolkit’ of component parts using a common design philosophy. Typically, 80% of an IMD solution is pre-designed and pre-fabricated, the final 20% is created or configured according to the location or other specific use case.

Services Portfolio
ICTroom offers a coherent and comprehensive range of monitoring, maintenance and management services to help data centre owners deliver excellence in their day-to-day operations. Whether it as a top-up to existing arrangements – for example with out-of-hours monitoring, or whether it is taking full responsibility for running the facility, ICTroom can tailor a flexible service package to suit every business model.

ICTroom’s certified data centre specialists and quality control mechanisms ensure that all of the services provided under ICTroom contracts deliver against clear and rigorous service level agreements. Whatever the level of engagement, ICTroom dovetails with the customer’s own technical and IT resources to provide a seamless service delivery and a robust operational environment – maximising efficiency and minimizing risk.

Data Centre fit-out
The setup of the data centre white space is highly important to achieve the designed energy efficiency of the total facility. As part of our overall portfolio of services, we offer a full, manufacturer independent, programme for all equipment and materials used in fitting out and managing a data centre or server room.