NG Metal

NG Metal

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NG Metal is a European Manufacturing Partner to DAMAC, a division of Maysteel.

DAMAC engineers and manufactures custom and standard server racks, aisle containment and other premium data center products the way you need it. From hyperscale data centers to colocation facilities, DAMAC creates unique solutions for your data center.

About NG Metal
For over a century, NG Metal's core business has been ADDING VALUE TO METAL. Our manufacturing partnership with US-based DAMAC and their parent company Maysteel Industries, LLC, has provided manufacturing knowledge on how to best manufacture data center products. This knowledge, combined with our manufacturing capabilities and high precision equipment, enables NG Metal to offer solutions to the data center market that are second to none.

Based centrally in Denmark, with only 2 to 3 hours travel distance from electricity and internet cabling hubs – allows for quick and responsive logistics to data center sites. Next day deliveries are possible within most of Scandinavia/Europe.

How can you benefit from working with NG METAL?

  • Tap into the experience of DAMAC and Maysteel within a local Denmark location that includes manufacturing, logistics, and installation
  • Agile solutions to data center infrastructure, without complex construction projects
  • Experience with various data center infrastructures
  • Custom build with shorter lead times

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NG METAL – A European manufacturing partner to Maysteel Industries, LLC and DAMAC, a division of Maysteel