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Siemens is one of the world's leading technology companies. Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise, we are also a sought-after consultant and companion in the planning, implementation and operation of data centers. With an integrated portfolio of scalable solutions, we are well equipped to successfully meet the industry’s key challenges, such as increasing innovation speed, ever stricter safety and regulatory requirements and growing demands for energy efficiency and sustainability. This enables our customers to significantly increase productivity in all project phases and ultimately creates the perfect place for valuable data.

The holistic approach of Siemens’ Integrated Data Center Management Suite (IDCMS) helps our customers to manage reliably and efficiently both IT and Facility Operations:

IDCMS includes BMS, DCIM, EPMS and Thermal Optimization solutions and as a whole provides more benefits than the sum of its parts. It enables a seamless view and control of all data center infrastructures and operations, even with ML algorithms and AI engines. With IDCMS, our customers can integrate the entire infrastructure and the tools required to plan and operate data centers with maximum efficiency.

With the right combination of people, technology and services, we help you turn your data center into a perfect place.

Find out more: www.siemens.com/datacenters