VIAVI Solutions

VIAVI Solutions

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VIAVI Solutions is a global leader for end-to-end network visibility and analytics that help build, test, certify, maintain and optimize complex physical and virtual networks.
We are rightfully proud of our innovative portfolio of network solutions for Telecommunications Service Providers, Equipment Manufacturers, Enterprises, and Entities in fields of Government and Avionics. Every segment in which we play a part is under a constant pressure to grow, evolve and adapt to the changing needs of the customers they support.
Thanks to our strong collaborative partnerships within the datacentre ecosystem we welcome opportunities to support and enhance the delivery, maintenance and evolution of your Data Center network roadmap, by providing test and monitoring solutions for inside and outside the DC (DCI).

During the course of this event you will have an opportunity to not only meet with our own team, but also with members of BBT Fiberoptic, a leading Premier Solutions Partner in Denmark

and Corning Incorporated who for their part bring great knowledge and expertise to our client discussions and therefore represent a key technology partner for VIAVI.
We look forward to meeting you.