Testimonials from Datacloud Nordic

  • Einar Hoffart

    “Very good programme and presentations.”

    Einar Hoffart

  • Hans-Georg Stoever

    “Absolutely fantastic event; as I am from Germany, it was very interesting for me to see, what is and will happen in the Nordic countries. Most of the speeches were very good as well. Very interesting concepts.”

    Hans-Georg Stoever
    Bachmann GmbH & Co. KG

  • Marc Marazzi

    “It was eye-opening to see the potential in Norway. Good speakers, and knowledgeable companies made it valuable.”

    Marc Marazzi
    Server Technology

  • Vesa Weissmann

    “Informative meeting with enlightening options for users.”

    Vesa Weissmann
    Gearshift Group

  • Dag-Kjetil Hansen

    “A very good and interesting conference, I learned a lot and met very skilled people.”

    Dag-Kjetil Hansen
    Bredbandsfylket Troms AS

  • Espen Thompson

    “Interesting and useful.”

    Espen Thompson
    Ryfylke IKS

  • Rune Ask

    “Professionally driven event. Good speakers with a lot of interesting information. Very nice social event.”

    Rune Ask
    Veriscan Security AS

  • Mattias Fridström

    “A very positive event with good sessions.”

    Mattias Fridström
    TeliaSonera International Carrier AB

  • Jörgen Venot


    Jörgen Venot

  • Alastair Waite

    “Very well attended. And a very attentive audience.”

    Alastair Waite

  • Bo Bjerregaard Rasmussen

    “Very useful - especially from a networking viewpoint. The somewhat compressed format worked quite well.”

    Bo Bjerregaard Rasmussen
    Invest in Denmark

  • James Wilman

    “Enjoyable and informative conference. it did show that the Nordic data centre proposition is a little one dimensional as many conversations were based around sustainable energy and there is more to data centres than just that.”

    James Wilman

  • Viggo Hegseth

    “Good and varied program.”

    Viggo Hegseth
    Bulk Infrastructure AS

  • Silje Stensland

    “Impressed by how many attendees you managed to attract. Very good speakers with interesting and current topics. A great networking and business opportunity.”

    Silje Stensland
    Green Mountain

  • Magnus Björk

    “Time well spent, where we got some valuable contacts.”

    Magnus Björk
    TDC Sverige AB

  • Mikael Börjesson

    “Good place for meeting DC/Cloud professionals. Excellent environment and arrangement.”

    Mikael Börjesson
    Luleå University of Technology

  • Mark O'Sullivan

    “Sceptical before event as Norway is not renowned as a datacentre hub. However there was a sustained momentum through the day and participants seemed to stay mainly till the end of day. Some new leads and good networking opportunities with partners so it was a valuable event to join.”

    Mark O'Sullivan
    Flexenclosure AB

  • Jan Erik Svensson

    “Very good mix of topics and speakers.”

    Jan Erik Svensson
    Arctic Circle Data Center AS

  • Dag Brekke

    “The theme data cloud Nordic was well taken care of throughout the entire program.”

    Dag Brekke
    Innovation Norway

  • Keith Breed

    “Excellent, with a good mix of panels and presenters.”

    Keith Breed
    Tariff Consultancy Ltd

  • Bjorn Ronning

    “A very useful and comprehensive conference, will definitely attend again.”

    Bjorn Ronning
    Kaluna AS

  • “A good overview of the Datacenter Nordic market.”

    Magnus Hartmann
    Göteborg Energi GothNet AB

  • “1. Much better than most events in the Nordics. 2. Much larger audience than anticipated - a positive.”

    MKC A